Day 38: The Productivity Continues….


So the productivity I’ve had at work this last week has spilled over….into my house.

Usually my Mum comes round on a Saturday and helps me with my housework.   I do do it myself, but then she comes round and does it again so part of me thinks that she wants to feel useful, so I just let her do it now.  But she’s laid low with the flu and she’s had it all week, despite having the flu jab which it turns out is only effective for 3% of people –

So today I decided to blitz my house and clean it from top to bottom as best I could.  I did the kitchen, bathrooms, lounge, vacuumed and dusted throughout, did loads of washing and dried it and generally tidied up.  It made me feel really good, it was like a spring clean but a bit early!

When I looked around my house at how clean it was and how it looked I felt really proud.  I do appreciate everything my Mum does for me and all the cleaning, vacuuming and looking after me, but once in a while it is nice to do it yourself, look at what you’ve done and feel really good about it.

I hope my Mum is recovered soon and back to her normal self, this flu thing has been awful.  To anyone who has got it I hope you feel better soon, it is a nasty one.


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