About The Project

original“365 Days Of Positivity” is a project I created which I launched following a series of deaths/funerals, redundancies and miscarriages following the birth of my much loved and much wanted son Frankie who was born sleeping on November 29th 2013.

The idea of the blog and project is that I do something positive every single day in 2015 and then blog about what I do every day during the year.  Everyone is welcome to join in with me on their own “365 Days Of Positivity” project either by creating your own blog or joining the facebook group and writing all about the positive things you do in 2015.

It seems that 2014 has been a rough year for many people, so “365 Days Of Positivity” is antidote to this and a chance to create some lasting positive memories in 2015 that will last a lifetime.

For more information please feel free to email me via hello@365daysofpositivity.co.uk.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Much love,

Lisa – Project 365 Days Of Positivity xxx


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