Day 26: Ladies Who Lunch….And Realising Who My Friends Really Are


I took today off work so that I could go up to Birmingham and meet up with a very special friend and her little girl Bryanna.  I decided to go on the train so I could chill out, read and listen to music without having to worry about traffic and finding a parking space in the middle of Birmingham.  It only took 42 minutes from Worcester to Birmimgham New Street on the train, which wasn’t too bad at all.

I met my friend Nina and Bryanna in New Street station and the first thing we did was go for a Costa (surprise surprise)!  Her Mum joined us for a bit and it was lovely to see her again.

Nina is married to my friend Mike who I have known ever since we were at college together back in the early 1990’s.  I used to see Mike around the college and library but it wasn’t until we were both in the Toad and Tulip pub in Lowesmoor one night that I actually got talking to him.  I was arranging to have a few friends over, as you do when you’re that age, and Mike was behind me and said could he come too, as he had moved to Worcester from Birmimgham and he didn’t really know anyone.

From that point on we were really good friends.  We would meet up in Spyda’s Bar above the Crown, go to the Toad and Tulip and we even went to some gigs at the old Northwick theatre including Saxon and Senser.  And when Mike moved back to Birmimgham I would go up there and do the “rock scene” and meet up with him in XL’s, the Rock Cafe, Costamongers etc – happy days!

Then I got married to my first husband, and after that I didn’t really see Mike, although I always remembered his birthday and sent a card up to him via his parents, and wherever he was they must have passed it on to him.  He came to Worcester to see me in 1997 and again in 2008, he was with Nina then but came to Worcester on his own.  Then he had his flat in Birmingham so I went to see him a few times there whenever I was up in the area.  We always got on but to me Mike was like the big brother I never had, I am an only child so I don’t know what it is like to have a brother or sister but if I did have a big brother I would love someone like Mike.

Mike and I hooked up on Facebook and when I had not long got together with my husband I saw a post on his page that he was in Birmingham (he had moved up to Lytham St Anne’s by then) and as it happened I was also in Birmimgham with Russ, so we went to see him.  It was here that I first met Nina and we got on like a house on fire and she cooked us a lovely pasta lunch.

Then Nina and I hooked up on Facebook and from there we all became really close friends, probably closer than all those years ago.  They were both at my wedding when I got married to Russ and came to Frankie’s funeral.  When I found out that they were expecting their first baby I was absolutely over the moon for them.

It is funny how things go in life.  I thought my friend from school who I was really close to would be in my life forever, but instead she is now with my ex-husband and I have nothing whatsoever to do with her.  This means that Mike is now my oldest friend (not oldest in age, but oldest in the amount of time I’ve known him) and although we’ve had years where we haven’t spoken as much, when we have it was like we spoke  yesterday.  And now I’m really good friends with Nina.  I’ve been having a very tough time recently due to various reasons, and Nina was the one I turned to and who messaged me on facebook all though the night a couple of weekends ago when I couldn’t sleep and my mind was in turmoil. I  cannot thank her enough for being there for me.

I had SUCH a great time with Nina and Bryanna yesterday.  Apart from Costa we had a quick mooch in Primark and went to lunch at Wagamamma’s, where we had a bottle of wine between us.  I got to hold Bryanna, give her loads of cuddles and spoil her rotten – I love her to bits.

I hope that they are all in my life forever, because I don’t know what I would do without them now.  And so this is today’s positive thing – that I have such wonderful, amazing and fantastic friends in my life and I should NEVER forget it. Love you all to the moon and back….looking forward to hopefully seeing you on Saturday 🙂 xxxx



Day 19: Decisions Decisions….

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I’m now faced with a dilemma of what to do about my current job situation.  I have had 2 offers and I’m not sure I want to take either of them.  I am trying to hold out for another PR agency role that I really want and trying to be positive, but if I don’t get it I have to decide whether to take one of the 2 roles I’ve been offered, or whether to hold out for something else.

So the positive I am choosing to see today is that I am very much in demand and obviously have skills and experience that employers want, which is brilliant in this day and age, and to celebrate my achievements and the achievement of getting 2 offers in today’s current climate.

This has given me a much needed boost and while I am not clear about the way ahead right now, I hope it will come to me soon.

Day 1: Happy New Year….2015 Is Here!

Happy New Year hd wallpaper 2015Happy new year everyone, 2015 is finally here.  I have started the new year on a positive note by having a family dinner with my parents, my husband and my old neighbour Howard.  I decided to do this today as it represents new beginnings and new starts, and I thought it would be good to start the new year with us all together and being thankful for surviving everything that happened in 2014.  I also love cooking and really enjoyed preparing the food and the dinner that we had.

I also spent some time this morning deciding on some positive things that I will do in 2015. I won’t call them resolutions, as I don’t really believe in setting resolutions, they are more like goals:

Project DIY – starting in January, the process of transforming my house into a home and decorating it throughout. I won’t say re-decorating, because I haven’t really touched it since I’ve been here!

Get a bit more healthy, start eating breakfast on a regular basis and do a bit more exercise than I have done this year. I’m usually quite good at walking and keeping fit, but I’ve not had much enthusiasm for it since I lost Frankie. It is time to change that.

Have a bit of an image makeover – hair, make-up and clothes.

Go on holiday to Italy in late June/July with my gorgeous husband and finally show him the village in Calabria where my family came from and the place and country I am so proud to be a part of and also try to coincide it to be in Sicily on July 11th to see the “10 Mountains 10 Years” project at Mount Etna with Enzo Simone.

Work on the creative writing course that my gorgeous husband got me for Christmas to kick start my writing again.

Writing and launching 2 positive blogs – and – I planned to launch these by New Years Eve and I did.

Writing my book “Frankie’s Legacy: Love, Loss Grief And Recovery”. I’ve had several futile attempts at this project in 2014, because every time I started to write something else happened which got in the way.

Please wish me luck everyone and you have full permission to give me a good kick if I falter from these!

So what positive things have you all done today, the first day of “365 Days Of Positivity”?  There is still time to join in and take part, and I would love to hear from you!