How To Take Part

365Days_of_Positivity_FB_ProfileWelcome to 365 Days Of Positivity.  This project exists to encourage you all to do something positive every day, no matter how small, and then post what what you do on a daily basis – it could be as comments on this blog, on your own blog or in the accompanying Facebook group for this project.It seems that 2014 has been a rough year for many people, including myself, so I created “365 Days Of Positivity” with a view to doing something positive every day and blogging about it here.

As well as blogging all the positive things I will be doing on a daily basis,  I’ll also post motivational quotes, pictures and comments to help keep us all going on our journey to be more positive and do more positive things, not just today…but every day.

If you are blogging about your “365 Days Of Positivity” journey, please send me your blog details so I can list them on my site. If you would like to write for “365 Days Of Positivity” and contribute some articles, please email me via

This blog is part of “Happiness Personified“.

I am hoping to turn my own 365 Days Of Positivity journey into a book as I go through 2015. You can email me via, or contact me on here.

Good luck on your 365 Days Of Positivity journey everyone!

Lisa – 365 Days Of Positivity Creator xx


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